Start Your Crypto Investment Journey: 5 Reasons MCADE Tokens Are the Best

• Metacade, a newcomer to the crypto scene, has raised an impressive $10.9m in its presale – making it an attractive investment opportunity.
• There are many reasons why experts view Metacade as one of the best investments right now, including its Play-to-Earn arcade, extensive rewards system and Gamers’ direct involvement in game development projects.
• MCADE tokens are set to rise in price with the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO), meaning investors could enjoy substantial returns on their investment in 2023.

Metacade’s Impressive Presale

Newcomer Metacade has made a huge splash since appearing on the crypto scene, raising an incredible $10.9m in just 16 weeks for its presale – making it a high-potential investment opportunity that could produce substantial profits for those taking advantage of the discount prices available.

5 Reasons MCADE Tokens Could Be The Best Investment

Metacade has been the focus of many investment groups since the launch of their much-praised crypto whitepaper due to its ambitious plans to position itself at the heart of the burgeoning GameFi movement. Here are five key reasons why experts see Metacade as one of the best investments right now:

1) The Biggest P2E Arcade On The Planet

The project boasts having the biggest Play-to-Earn (P2E) arcade on planet earth – supporting every playstyle from casual to competitive gamers alike.

2) Extensive Rewards System

An extensive rewards system is also available which benefits all those who contribute to the Metacade ecosystem.

3) Gamers Have A Direct Say In Game Development Projects

Gamers have a direct say in which game development projects should be integrated via the Metagrants program – another unique feature that sets this project apart from others within its niche sector.

4) Well Designed Staking Options For Token Holders

Token holders are able to take advantage of well designed staking options which further incentivize them to continue holding onto their coins and support long term growth and success for this exciting project.

5) Price Predictions For The Coming Year

With technical releases and CEX listing set for 2023 and an upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO), many predict that MCADE tokens will reach $1 by next year – providing significant returns for those investing during this presale period at discounted rates!

Explore the Metaverse: A Revolutionary Augmented Reality World Awaits You!

• The Metaverse is a virtual reality space that allows users to interact with each other in real-time.
• It was first introduced in the novel ‚Snow Crash‘ and has been explored further through games like World of Warcraft and Second Life.
• Blockchain and crypto assets are essential components for the Metaverse to function correctly, providing immutability and secure transactions.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality space where users can engage with each other in real time. It was first introduced in Neal Stephenson’s novel ‚Snow Crash‘, in 1992, and has since been explored further through immersive games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, as well as social networks such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

How the Metaverse Was Born

The term metaverse first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s novel ‚Snow Crash‘, referring to a virtual reality world experienced from a first-person point of view through reality goggles. Immersive games like World of Warcraft and Second Life also have fascinating 3D worlds where players use avatars to interact with others, while social network platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook represent pieces of the Metaverse.

Crypto & Its Connection to the Metaverse

The purpose of the Metaverse is to give people an augmented reality experience that surpasses physical reality. However, it requires blockchain technology for secure transactions; this ensures fast confirmation of information while protecting against hacks. Thus, blockchain and crypto assets are essential components for making sure that all activities within the Metaverse remain safe and secure.

Advantages & Benefits

Using blockchain technology ensures that all activities within the Metaverse remain safe and secure; this provides users with peace of mind when engaging with others online. Additionally, developers can create parks, buildings or other things that don’t exist physically within this virtual environment, allowing for greater creativity when designing interactive experiences for their users.


The concept behind the Metaverse is still relatively new but has huge potential to disrupt the digital world by creating an entirely new space where people can interact without worrying about security risks due to blockchain technology’s immutability properties. As more developers explore its possibilities, we may soon find more use cases for it beyond gaming or social media platforms.

$MCADE Presale Live! Play. Earn. Build. Connect. Start Now!

• Polygon (MATIC) price is currently below the 50 simple moving average and 4-hour RSI is below 50.
• Price of MATIC faces potential dump to lows of $0.94 if bears breach a major support area.
• The launch of zkEVM mainnet beta could trigger new buying momentum for the cryptocurrency towards its scheduled rollout on 27 March.

Polygon Price Overview

The Polygon (MATIC) price has seen an extended downward trajectory since late 2022. Despite a strong bounce in the first two months of this year, MATIC has reversed course due to declines across the crypto market. If bears take further control of short term market sentiment, there is potential for MATIC to dip to lows of $0.94.

Technical Picture for MATIC

MATIC currently hovers above $1.00 but is constrained below a recent supported turned resistance zone around $1.15. If bulls manage to reclaim this level as support, they could push MATIC/USD up to $1.25 and possibly even challenge the main hurdle around $1.29, which lies close to the 200 MA line near that level. On the other hand, if bears breach this support area, it could lead to a breakdown in price down towards lows of $0.94

Impact of Bitcoin on MATIC Price

The outlook for Bitcoin suggests that bears are not ready to give up territory around $22,500 – should BTC dump further then this will likely have a negative impact on MATIC’s price movement as well as other cryptocurrencies in the market generally..

Launch of zkEVM Mainnet Beta

The Polygon community is eagerly awaiting the launch of their zkEVM mainnet beta which is scheduled for roll-out on 27th March 2021 – should this event be successful then it could catalyse new buying momentum for MATIC and potentially push its price upwards towards higher levels again..


Overall, Polygon’s future depends largely on factors such as technical analysis and developments within both their own platform and more broadly across cryptocurrency markets generally – only time will tell how things play out and whether or not investors can expect gains in their holdings or losses at current levels!

DeFi Sees 31% Jump in Users Despite 2022 Crypto Winter

• DeFi continues to attract more users despite crypto winter in 2022
• User wallets across DeFi segments surpassed 5 million in Q3 of 2022
• Projects used the crypto winter to build and improve their products and services

DeFi Continues to Attract More Users

DeFi, or Decentralised finance, remains big, though not with the same numbers as seen a year ago. In 2021, user numbers skyrocketed 545% as cryptocurrencies boomed on the back of a staggering bull run. While DeFi statistics for 2022 show a decline in user growth amid the year-long crypto winter, the sector still witnessed a 31% increase in users quarter on quarter. Latest estimates for total DeFi users suggest the number will surpass 5.5 million in Q4, 2022.

DeFi is Creating its Own Blue Ocean Market

As HashKey Capital analysts highlighted in their recent report, DeFi is not just eating into the traditional finance, or TradFi market, but it’s also curving its own new market. The trend relates to what is a „blue ocean market,“ the report noted, with the DeFi sector’s new and innovative services capturing demand that’s adding to the steady growth in users.

Total Value Locked (TVL) Below $40 Billion

A drop in total value locked (TVL) – it is now below $40 billion as per DeFiLlama – still doesn’t tell the whole story of decentralised finance in the past one year. Overall, user wallets across DeFi segments such as decentralised exchanges (DEXs), lending, collateralized debt positions (CDPs), bridges, staking and yield, surpassed 5 million in the third quarter of 2022. It is estimated that DeFi users will number more than 5.5 million by end Q4 2022 with an 8% growth projection during this period

Projects Use Crypto Winter to Build & Improve

Market prices show that most assets have plummeted in value and that overall Defi index has shrunk by 76%, compared with 65% decline for Ethereum but despite this projects have used this crypto winter to build and improve their products thus attracting more users.


In conclusion it can be said that although there has been a drop from 2021’s astronomical figures there is still steady growth being seen within the decentralized finance sector with user numbers expected to exceed 5.5 million by Q4 of 2022

Break to $25K: Is Bitcoin’s Bear Market Over?

• Bitcoin’s price broke above $22,500 to new highs above $25,000 due to short liquidations of over $155 million.
• According to analysts at crypto exchange Bitfinex, the retreat to this week’s lows comes after a 10% upswing and a green weekly candle.
• Profit-taking in the wake of the recent rally and a stop-run on those who had gotten overly aggressive chasing the upside might well send Bitcoin back below $24,000 in the week ahead.

Bitcoin Breaks Above $25k

Bitcoin price recently broke above $22,500 to new highs above $25,000 amid the hunt for short stops and liquidations. The move resulted from short liquidations of over $155 million.

Price Retreat Could Be Indicative Of A Bottom

Bitfinex analysts say that recent price movements could be indicative of a bottom. Bitcoin’s breakout from the $22,500 price level was fueled by massive liquidations recorded over the past few days.

What Could Lie Ahead?

Commenting on BTC outlook and what could lie ahead in coming weeks, analysts said that profit-taking in the wake of the recent rally and a stop-run on those who had gotten overly aggressive chasing the upside might well send Bitcoin back below $24,000 in the week ahead. Most likely move going forward is ranged price movement due to action that has seen both longs and shorts wiped off simultaneously.

Short Liquidations Could Push Price Upward

The push upward could be fueled by further short liquidations as it has been doing lately. Bitfinex analysts suggest that this is an indication that we are seeing „the latter stages of a gruesome bear market.“

Risk Of Further Pullback

However there is still risk of further pullback since Bitcoin did not hit a crucial daily candle close at that zone yet. It remains uncertain if or when BTC will reach its all time high again but speculators should remain aware of potential risks while keeping an eye out for any possible opportunities presented by market movements in either direction

Wirex Partners with Visa to Bring Crypto Payments to 40+ Countries

• Wirex has recently announced a long-term service agreement with Visa, making it a global partner of the company.
• This partnership will allow Wirex to offer its crypto card services to more countries around the world, including in the UK and APAC markets.
• Customers can use their cryptocurrency assets to make payments at about 80 million locations where Visa is accepted around the world, and receive 8% cashback instantly.

Wirex Partners With Visa

Wirex has recently announced a long-term service agreement with Visa, making it a global partner of the company. This partnership will allow Wirex to offer its crypto card services to more countries around the world, including in the UK and APAC markets.

Global Reach for Crypto Card Services

This agreement makes Wirex a global partner of Visa and expands its crypto card services to 40+ countries worldwide. Furthermore, customers can now use their cryptocurrency assets to make payments at about 80 million locations where Visa is accepted around the world, and receive 8% cashback instantly.

A Milestone For Wirex

The move is a great milestone for Wirex as they become one of few companies who have made such an agreement with Visa in order to reach customers in new markets including the UK and APAC markets.

Series B Funding Round

In 2022, Wirex raised $15 million in its Series B funding round. The core objective behind this partnership is for both companies (Visa and Wirex) to introduce more crypto-linked payment methods for more markets around the world.

Future Plans

After signing this particular global partnership agreement, Wirex now plans on finalizing another card partnership related to Australia within the next coming weeks.

Bankrupt Alameda Research Resurrects and Transfers Millions of FTT Tokens

• Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm linked to Sam Bankman-Fried filed for bankruptcy in November 2020.
• Wallets linked to the firm suddenly resurrected and transferred millions of FTT tokens on February 7.
• It is not the first time Alameda wallets have seen huge activity post the FTX bankruptcy filing.

Alameda Research Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In November 2020, Alameda Research, a crypto trading house linked to Sam Bankman-Fried, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy alongside FTX and other affiliated firms.

Wallets Linked to Firm Resurrect and Transfer Millions of FTT Tokens

On February 7, wallets linked to Alameda Research suddenly came back to life and transferred millions of FTT (the native FTX token). Two wallets were involved in this transaction: „brokenfish.eth“ made a transfer of $2 million worth of FTT tokens from BentoBox smart contract on SushiSwap; while „Alameda Research 4“ bought more than 1 million FTT tokens worth about $2.3 million and then opened a loan position on Abracadabra mortgaging 73,000 FTT tokens and $31,000 cash.

Previous Activity Post FTX Bankruptcy

This is not the first time that wallets associated with Alameda Research experienced high levels of activity following the bankruptcy filing of FTX. On February 2nd, Blockchain security firm PeckShield alerted that “Alameda Consolidation” had received $13 million worth of crypto assets from three different wallets; while Arkham Intelligence revealed that Alameda Research withdrew $204M ahead of its bankruptcy filing.

Community Reactions

The recent activity has caused much concern within the crypto community as people are both concerned about what could be happening with these funds as well as whether or not there are any legal implications associated with them.


In conclusion, it appears that despite its bankruptcy filing, there is still considerable activity taking place within Alameda Research’s wallet infrastructure which raises many questions about what is going on behind the scenes at this company.

10X Gains Ahead? Metacade Set to Explode in 2023

• Metacade’s initial presale stages have sold out, attracting more than $4.9 million in funding from investors.
• Experts predict that early investors could enjoy 10X gains in 2023, due to the platform’s comprehensive range of online arcade games and its ambitious white paper.
• MCADE is set to increase its value throughout the duration of the presale, culminating in a value of $0.02 per token as it prepares for its IDO launch on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Crypto Gaming Arcade, Metacade, Has Potential to 10X in 2023! Here’s What You Need to Know

Metacade’s Initial Presale Stage Sells Out

Investors searching for potential gains in 2023 have been wowed by the news that Metacade’s initial presale stages have sold out within a matter of weeks as bullish investors poured more than $4.9m of funding into the fledgling crypto gaming platform.

Early Investors Could Enjoy 10X Gains In 2023

With MCADE’s presale continuing to attract massive interest in subsequent presale rounds, some experts are predicting that early investors could enjoy 10X gains in 2023. Bullish investors have been seduced by Metacade’s vast long-term potential, set out in their comprehensive and ambitious white paper. This, combined with the wider projected explosion in the GameFi sector over the next five years and plans to place themselves at the center of crypto gaming for years to come, means MCADE has the potential to achieve 10X gains this year.

MCADE Value Set To Rise Throughout Presale

Beginning at $0.008 per token in the beta phase, MCADE’s value is set to rise to $0.02 by the end of the ninth and final presale stage. Expectations are that the price could leap in value once MCADE becomes available to the public.

MCADE Could Reach High Valuations In 2023

The momentum behind Metacade’s coin continues gaining paceas it prepares for its IDO launch on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), when buyers globally will likely scramble to get their hands on MCADE tokens which could see a surge in prices due to high demand coupled with HODLers maintaining their investments awaiting higher returns over time .

NFT Artist Equinoz Artwork Sells Out in 4 Minutes for $16K

• Equinoz’s artwork, ‘Cybernetics’, was auctioned on PlayNomm’s NFT marketplace for a pre-drop event of the NFT Korea Festival.
• The auction was sold out in just 4 minutes, with a buyout price of US$16,000.
• Equinoz is an active 3D artist who works in various fields like games, music, commercial videos, and clothing brands.

On January 31st, playNomm (CEO, Sung-Uk Moon) conducted an auction for a special pre-drop event of the upcoming NFT Korea Festival. This auction featured the artwork of one of Superchief Gallery’s NFT artists, Equinoz, titled ‘Cybernetics’. The auction was set to take place for 7 days, however, it only took 4 minutes for the artwork to be sold out, with the highest buyout price of US$16,000.

Equinoz is a 3D artist who creates intricate works between the virtual and reality, focusing on the theme of “Visible Future”. His art can be found on various NFT platforms such as Open Sea and Super Rare. He has also dabbled in different fields, including games, commercial videos, music, and clothing brands.

This auction was part of the pre-events leading up to the NFT Korea Festival. The first drop was Shavonne Wong’s ‘Light in the Shadow’, which was sold for 65,800LM, the equivalent of US$26,776. As the second drop, Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’ was bought out for 40,120 LM, equivalent to US$16,937.

The NFT Korea Festival will be taking place in March, featuring many different types of digital artworks from renowned NFT artists. Already, the pre-drop events have generated much excitement and anticipation from collectors and art enthusiasts alike, with two of the featured artworks being sold out in just a few minutes.

Enjin Coin Surges 15.70%, Exciting Traders with Positive Developments

• Enjin Coin (ENJ) had gained 15.70% in the past 24 hours at press time.
• Enjin Coin is not known for colossal price movements, making today’s price surge a surprise for many crypto traders and investors.
• The recent development update to the Enjin ecosystem appears to have energized ENJ buyers as they anticipate the network to witness extensive growth in the coming months.

Today, the crypto market was taken by surprise as the price of Enjin Coin (ENJ) rose by 15.70%, making it the top gainer of the day. At press time, ENJ was trading at around $0.4265. This surge is even more remarkable considering that ENJ is not known for its large price swings, making today’s spike a real cause for celebration.

Enjin Coin is the cryptocurrency associated with the Enjin Network, a blockchain-based protocol that allows game developers to tokenize in-game items on the Ethereum blockchain. Since its inception, the Enjin platform has seen a steady growth in adoption among developers. This latest price surge appears to be a result of a recent development update to the platform, which has excited buyers who are now expecting the Enjin ecosystem to see extensive growth in the coming months.

The update appears to have been well-received by the market, as evidenced by the ENJ token’s impressive 51% growth over the past seven days. This price surge has also pushed Enjin Coin ahead of its closest competitors, with the second largest gainer today being KAVA, up 10.14%, and the third being Hedera (HBAR), up 9.50%.

It’s clear that the market is excited about the potential of the Enjin platform, and this latest price surge is a testament to that. With more updates expected in the near future, it’s likely that the price of ENJ will continue to climb in the coming months.