28. September 2023

Bankrupt Alameda Research Resurrects and Transfers Millions of FTT Tokens

• Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm linked to Sam Bankman-Fried filed for bankruptcy in November 2020.
• Wallets linked to the firm suddenly resurrected and transferred millions of FTT tokens on February 7.
• It is not the first time Alameda wallets have seen huge activity post the FTX bankruptcy filing.

Alameda Research Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In November 2020, Alameda Research, a crypto trading house linked to Sam Bankman-Fried, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy alongside FTX and other affiliated firms.

Wallets Linked to Firm Resurrect and Transfer Millions of FTT Tokens

On February 7, wallets linked to Alameda Research suddenly came back to life and transferred millions of FTT (the native FTX token). Two wallets were involved in this transaction: „brokenfish.eth“ made a transfer of $2 million worth of FTT tokens from BentoBox smart contract on SushiSwap; while „Alameda Research 4“ bought more than 1 million FTT tokens worth about $2.3 million and then opened a loan position on Abracadabra mortgaging 73,000 FTT tokens and $31,000 cash.

Previous Activity Post FTX Bankruptcy

This is not the first time that wallets associated with Alameda Research experienced high levels of activity following the bankruptcy filing of FTX. On February 2nd, Blockchain security firm PeckShield alerted that “Alameda Consolidation” had received $13 million worth of crypto assets from three different wallets; while Arkham Intelligence revealed that Alameda Research withdrew $204M ahead of its bankruptcy filing.

Community Reactions

The recent activity has caused much concern within the crypto community as people are both concerned about what could be happening with these funds as well as whether or not there are any legal implications associated with them.


In conclusion, it appears that despite its bankruptcy filing, there is still considerable activity taking place within Alameda Research’s wallet infrastructure which raises many questions about what is going on behind the scenes at this company.