28. September 2023

Bitcoin reaches $28,000 and market capitalization of 500 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) is reaching new all-time highs as other assets are sinking, what better time to trade than now!

While other financial instruments are going through the worst of times, Bitcoin (BTC) soars to $28,000!
Bitcoin System has never offered traders a better opportunity

The impressive sprint over $20,000 since Dec. 16 caused Bitcoin to earn over $500 billion in market value and will reach $28,000. And so SimpleFX traders are tripling and even quadrupling their investments today – these are golden times for margin traders!

At the time of writing, BTCUSD is priced at $27,100 and is moving above the 50, 100 and 200 day moving average lines, which are strong bullish signals.

The BTCUSD has risen 46% after crossing the $20,000 mark, SimpleFX WebTraderThe BTCUSD has risen 46% after crossing the $20,000 mark, SimpleFX WebTrader

Because, as we’ve mentioned previously, multi-million dollar investors like Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones paved the way for other skeptical mainstream investors to rely on Bitcoin as an inflation hedge.

Square, MicroStrategy and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. also made headlines after buying crypt coins. And, of course, the recent crypto adoption of PayPal contributed greatly to the recent price spikes, as PayPal brought crypto currencies to its millions of users.

Thus, according to cryptanalysis firm Chainalysis, half a million bitcoins were purchased in the last 3 months alone, worth over $11.5 billion.

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Did you know that you can also benefit from Bitcoin’s price drops? The answer is yes. In SimpleFX, profits come from all directions. You can speculate if the BTC price goes up or down and make a lot of money no matter where the market goes. You can even trade with as little as $1 in your account. No large investments or minimum deposits are required.

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In fact, this platform won the trophy for Best Mobile Application at the Rankia 2020 Awards in Portugal, beating competitors like eToro and XBT.