Dogecoin worthless by code? DOGE investors exclude this number

The crazy Dogecoin rally makes investors dream of easy money.

But be careful: the DOGE bubble is off

There is currently no way around Dogecoin. For almost two weeks now, the DOGE rate has been stirring up the crypto market, breaking one record high after the other. It wasn’t until Monday, February 8th, that the Dogecoin rally hit a new all-time high of $ 0.083. The meme coin with the Shiba Inu emblem has made its way into the ten largest cryptocurrencies, the market capitalization has already exceeded the 10 billion US dollar mark and the DOGE exchange rate is targeting the 10 cent mark. But even if the numbers are cause for euphoria, one number clouds the optimism.

128 billion: That is the previous Dogecoin amount in circulation. The fact that the market capitalization is spread over a high supply may not initially be an investment exclusion criterion. A worrying fact from an investor’s point of view is the non-existent upper limit. Since the Dogecoin co-developer Jackson Palmer lifted a supply limit in 2014 , the amount in circulation has grown steadily. Almost 5 billion coins flow into the DOGE supply every year and dilute the market capitalization.

Investors who hope for a price level like Bitcoin from the Dogecoin hype, alone teaches the constant Doge inflation wrong. As a BTC parody, Dogecoin is in fundamental contrast to the original. The Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 million units. Dogecoin, on the other hand, was never designed as a store of value, on the contrary. Dogecoin shows the laws of the market in an ironic way. With the exception of a few use cases and a few PR gags such as sponsoring the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Dogecoin remains limited to its status as a fun coin – Dogecoin has no intrinsic value.

However, this does not currently prevent investors from transferring significant sums to the cryptocurrency. As of January 27, the market capitalization was under $ 1 billion. In the course of the Wallstreetbets erosion, a dynamic set in motion on the social channels in a very short time that swept 9 billion US dollars into Dogecoin in less than two weeks.

In addition, the doge rally is largely the product of Tesla boss Elon Musk, who regularly supplies the waiting doge community with doge tweets. With Gene Simmons and Snoop Dogg , the e-car pioneer has also found two prominent supporters who are rekindling the rally glow.

Bubble formation with height of fall

This dynamic may now blind some investors. The fact that younger investors in particular are also enthusiastic about a Dogecoin investment, as shown at the Tik Tok Challenge last year , puts the role of Musk and Co. in a slightly different light. During a recent clubhouse appearance , Musk said:

Dogecoin was made as a joke to make fun of cryptocurrencies. […] Fate loves irony. […] The most entertaining result and the most ironic result would be that Dogecoin will become the currency of the earth in the future.

A less entertaining, albeit equally ironic result would be the total loss of thousands of small investors. By persistently inflating the hype, Musk creates an ever increasing height of fall. The impact could cost some private investors dearly with widespread profit-taking. So whether Musk played a notable role in the Doge explosion can be doubted – as much as the community hopes for him as a crypto figurehead.

Does decentralised investment power have a future?

Wallstreetbets: Does decentralised investment power have a future?

The Reddit group Wallstreetbets has passed its zenith, at least for the time being. The prices of Gamestop, Blackberry and Co. are on the way to normalisation, ergo strongly south. What decentralised investment power can do and why serious consequences for the crypto economy are to be expected.

The decentralised power of the market has been unleashed with the help of the Reddit group Wallstreetbets. Small investors have gained the upper hand, at least briefly, over supposedly overpowering institutional investors. The self-image of the Wall Street elite has been weakened by social media dynamics. Hedge funds such as Melvin Capital have been brought to their knees.

The real power behind the Wallstreetbets movement is revealed in the fact that the Bitcoin Future price explosion of the underlying assets defies any fundamental valuation principle. It is a demonstration of power by the collective, which in case of doubt can also hype junk into gold.

This can be seen par excellence in the rather meaningless cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It was not the coin of a promising smart contract protocol that became the target of Reddit investors, but the cryptocurrency that sees itself as a satire of Bitcoin and the entire crypto-economy. A perspective-less coin – whose only value proposition is buried in its own irony – has become the darling of the masses. Even Elon Musk has expressed his solidarity with it, and with him the masses of the internet community.

Narrative Economics – It’s the story that counts

It is a storybook narrative of the people rising up against the ruling class – class warfare. It is a narrative that connects the aspirations of a group of mostly young people bored with lockdown with each other around the world. Robinhood and Traderepublik are dedicated to the inclusion – at least predetermined measures – of the securities sector: Gambling for the masses.

This supposed democratisation of our financial system corresponds with the crypto narrative of re-decentralisation. It is therefore more than fitting that, alongside Reddit forums, many Telegram groups have formed, which now move from share to share or cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency with a strengthened group spirit. The phenomenon behind this is anything but new. Pump and dump schemes are as old as the hustle and bustle of the stock markets themselves.

Robinhood plays into DeFi’s hands

On the other hand, Robinhood and Co. show that they do not live up to the claim of a decentralised financial economy. In contrast to the decentralised financial sector (DeFi), they are gambling away the trust of their customers by stopping the trading of stocks like Gamestop, Blackberry or AMC in the interest of hedge funds. Pulling the plug“ should be one more argument in favour of decentralised exchanges and digital assets whose trading is possible 24/7 and cannot be easily stopped by a single player.

Nevertheless, one has to be honest enough to admit that cryptocurrency trading, at least as it currently predominantly takes place, can be „turned on and off“ in practically equal measure. The decisive factor is not the asset, but the question of who is the custodian and who provides the trading infrastructure. A crypto exchange or crypto broker could stop trading from one second to the next just like Robinhood. The fact that these are cryptocurrencies instead of shares is irrelevant in this context. Only the fallback options through decentralised alternatives are different.

Dogecoin (DOGE) soars after series of Elon Musk tweets

After mentioning Bitcoin in his Twitter bio, billionaire Elon Musk is back with several posts referring to Dogecoin (DOGE). It did not take more for the price of the cryptocurrency to soar, then fall just as quickly.

Elon Musk blazes the Dogecoin (DOGE)

After changing his Twitter bio to „#bitcoin“ last week , billionaire Elon Musk is now praising Dogecoin (DOGE) in a series of tweets.

Elon Musk began by posting a single “ Doge” followed a few minutes later by “ Dogecoin is the people’s crypto. “

Immediately, the price of Bitcoin News Trader reacted positively to Elon Musk’s actions. In almost 40 minutes, the DOGE climbed over 45% , from $ 0.041 to $ 0.060.

The DOGE however quickly corrected by falling back to around $ 0.48 and its lightning correction continues as of this writing.

Dogecoin DOGE Price

Has the „Elon Effect“ lost its luster? Unlike its previous mentions of Dogecoin, the price of the cryptocurrency quickly corrected following its rapid rise. How to explain it?

While the Doge looking to climb further, the price of Bitcoin began unscrewed in parallel, causing the collapse of the entire market from 9.30am .

Some allege that this fall is – again – due to the actions of Elon Musk. The „#Bitcoin“ which has proudly displayed its Twitter bio for 1 week now has suddenly been withdrawn. It is hardly imaginable that Bitcoin will retrace such superfluous action at first glance, but part of the cryptosphere is convinced of it.

Bitcoin slips below $35,000 despite $1.9 trillion stimulus announced by Biden

Positive reactions to $1.9 trillion stimulus package stifle bullish Bitcoin sentiment

On 15 January, Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $35,000 as renewed US dollar strength puts pressure on the leading cryptocurrency. BTC got a bounce at support at $34,300 and is hovering around $36,000 at the time of writing.

Four-hour chart of BTC/USD (Bitstamp)
Bitcoin back towards $30,000
On Friday, data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show BTC/USD at its lowest level in over 24 hours, with valid support at $34,000.

The previous trading day saw the pair regain $40,000 for a moment before retreating into a range formed earlier in the week. The recent drop reinforced the hypothesis that Bitcoin could remain in this range, with support at $30,000 and $40,000 as strong resistance.

„Consolidation of #Bitcoin is very healthy for the market after the huge momentum move ended at $41,500,“ explained Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe in a series of tweets:

„#Bitcoin is approaching a bounce zone after rejection from decisive resistance around $40,000. Benefits from further consolidation before continued bullish momentum. Completely healthy.“
Halving cycle analysis suggests „upside potential of 7X“
Bitcoin’s new contraction coincides with a spike in the US Dollar Index (DXY) caused by the announcement of the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan unveiled by incoming President Joe Biden to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the severity of this USD supply expansion, it seems that markets have reacted positively to the plans, pushing DXY up at the expense of Bitcoin, due to the known inverse correlation between the two assets.

„Context: the dollar is recovering over several ranges. Quite a strong recovery from a valid support zone for months. Some argue it’s a negative factor for Bitcoin, gold and risk assets, explaining the narrative,“ summed up Cointelegraph analyst Joseph Young.

BTC/USD (Bitstamp) vs. DXY (orange)
BTC/USD (Bitstamp) vs. DXY (orange). Source: TradingView
Young pointed out that, in the derivatives markets, investors engaged in „buying the correction“ were causing another problem, potentially dampening the prospects of a relief rally.

Widening the view, however, Bitcoin is performing worse than previous bullish cycles. According to on-chain analytics resource Ecoinometrics, this paves the way for further substantial gains.

Bitcoin price comparison post-halving as of 15 January 2021
Comparison of Bitcoin prices post-halving as of 15 January 2021. Source: Ecoinometrics/ Twitter
„This bull market will not stop at $40,000,“ said a tweet with a comparative chart.

„From the growth of previous cycles we still have 7x upside potential.“

Bitcoin reaches $28,000 and market capitalization of 500 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) is reaching new all-time highs as other assets are sinking, what better time to trade than now!

While other financial instruments are going through the worst of times, Bitcoin (BTC) soars to $28,000!
Bitcoin System has never offered traders a better opportunity

The impressive sprint over $20,000 since Dec. 16 caused Bitcoin to earn over $500 billion in market value and will reach $28,000. And so SimpleFX traders are tripling and even quadrupling their investments today – these are golden times for margin traders!

At the time of writing, BTCUSD is priced at $27,100 and is moving above the 50, 100 and 200 day moving average lines, which are strong bullish signals.

The BTCUSD has risen 46% after crossing the $20,000 mark, SimpleFX WebTraderThe BTCUSD has risen 46% after crossing the $20,000 mark, SimpleFX WebTrader

Because, as we’ve mentioned previously, multi-million dollar investors like Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones paved the way for other skeptical mainstream investors to rely on Bitcoin as an inflation hedge.

Square, MicroStrategy and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. also made headlines after buying crypt coins. And, of course, the recent crypto adoption of PayPal contributed greatly to the recent price spikes, as PayPal brought crypto currencies to its millions of users.

Thus, according to cryptanalysis firm Chainalysis, half a million bitcoins were purchased in the last 3 months alone, worth over $11.5 billion.

More Brazilian shares in SimpleFX

Trade with BTC in the best application

Did you know that you can also benefit from Bitcoin’s price drops? The answer is yes. In SimpleFX, profits come from all directions. You can speculate if the BTC price goes up or down and make a lot of money no matter where the market goes. You can even trade with as little as $1 in your account. No large investments or minimum deposits are required.

SimpleFX is an award winning broker that offers up to 1:500 leverage on over 200 symbols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Stocks, all in one application.

In fact, this platform won the trophy for Best Mobile Application at the Rankia 2020 Awards in Portugal, beating competitors like eToro and XBT.

Paxos VD förklarar varför Bitcoin är ’något som nästan alla borde ha‘

I en intervju nyligen förklarade Charles Cascarilla , grundare och VD för FinTech-företaget Paxos , varför han tycker att „att ha en liten tilldelning av Bitcoin är något som nästan alla borde ha.“

I en intervju med CNBC-ankaren Kelly Evans , på torsdagen (17 december), blev Cascarilla först tillfrågad av Evans om personer vars pensionsfonder har investerat i Bitcoin skulle känna sig bekväma.

Han svarade:

„Jag tror att det är något som alla borde ha att ha en liten tilldelning av Bitcoin … men samtidigt tänker det verkligen på det som ett köpalternativ.

”Poängen med att äga guld är att du vill ha en butik med värde. Poängen med att äga Bitcoin är att det kan bli guld, och så vi vet inte exakt om det kommer att hända. Det kanske inte, men å andra sidan, har funnits nu i 12 år.

”Det har upplevt mycket oro, många tester. Det är det bästa exemplet vi har på digitalt guld och vad vi har sett genom Covid är att människors liv är mer och mer digitala – de är online; de måste ha en digital värderingspoäng.

”Och lika viktigt har alla sett vad som händer med Federal Reserve-balansräkningen, och människor letar efter sätt att skydda sina tillgångar. Och så är Bitcoin ett exempel på ett sätt att göra det. ”

Evans instämde med Paxos VD och vad hon sa i sitt svar på hans kommentarer var ganska intressant:

”Absolut, Charles, även om det är intressant för mig att det på vissa sätt helt enkelt är flockmentaliteten, där människor inser“ okej, det kommer att finnas 21 miljoner av dem „.

”Bill Miller gjorde denna stora poäng: han sa att det finns 47 miljoner miljonärer i världen, och det kommer bara att finnas 21 miljoner bitcoins … om varje miljonär på planeten bara ville ha en, kunde de inte få det – det finns inte tillräckligt. Så, du vet, det är bara en flocksak, där alla inser „åh okej, det här kommer att vara en sak att äga och så vi alla äger det bättre“, och ur den synvinkeln är himlen gränsen, inte Det?“

Cascarilla svarade:

”Det är verkligen ett sätt som priset går upp; du får många att köpa något som har ett begränsat belopp, men å andra sidan finns det en grundläggande relevans för vad som händer här, det vill säga att det finns ett behov av ett butiksvärde. Det finns ett behov av ett rent digitalt butiksvärde, och det är vad Bitcoin representerar. ”

Ethereum 2.0: a first customer ready for the mainnet

Ehereum 2.0 Welcomes its First Comer – While Ethereum 2.0 will be launched in a few days, Prysmatic Labs has released the first version of its Prysm client, compatible with the Ethereum 2.0 mainnet. However, questions about decentralisation remain outstanding.

Prysm client ready for take-off

A few weeks after its launch, the Ethereum 2.0 depot contract finally reached the ETH 524,000 required to launch the beacon chain.

As a result, the launch of the beacon chain, which is also equivalent to the creation of the first block, will take place on 1 December.

With the famous date fast approaching, Prysmatic Labs like Binbot has just deployed version 1.0.0 of its client Ethereum 2.0, Prysm.

„We are pleased to announce Prysm version 1.0.0 with full support for the Ethereum 2.0 core network. »

– Preston Van Loon, developer of Ethereum on Github

This makes Prysm the first Ethereum 2.0 customer to be ready for the launch of the mainnet. Despite this, Prysmatic Labs does not rule out the possibility that one or more patch versions may be deployed between now and the launch of the beacon chain.

What about centralisation?

Although this news is good news for the launch of Ethereum 2.0, it will not be without impact on centralisation.

Indeed, during the Medalla testnet, initiated last August, an overwhelming majority of nodes – 96% – were using the Prysm client.

This centralisation around a single client poses many problems. Indeed, one of the objectives of Ethereum 2.0, and more particularly of its compatibility with several clients, was to solve the problem of dependence on the client Geth encountered on Ethereum 2.0.

Hopefully other customers will be ready for the beacon chain launch and the decentralisation will be more pronounced than in the Medalla testnet. It is also up to the validators not to all rush to Prysm and to explore the use of other clients.


Na afgelopen dinsdag kort boven het record te hebben gepiept, heeft Bitcoin de week doorgebracht met het vinden van een stevige voet aan de grond rond de $19K.

De veerkracht van de markt wordt ondersteund door de groeiende acceptatie van cryptografie onder de grootste bedrijven ter wereld. S&P Dow Jones Indices, de firma achter de beroemde marktbenchmarks, heeft aangekondigd dat het de digitale activa zal indexeren voor meer dan 550 van de hoogste verhandelde munten in 2021, en Visa heeft gezegd dat het zijn netwerk van 60 miljoen handelaren zal verbinden met de dollar stablecoin $USDC.

Ondertussen, bloeien de netwerkfundamenten. Blockchain analytics vaste Glassnode heeft nota genomen van recordbrekende gebruikersactiviteit op de Bitcoin-blokketen, met het aantal actieve entiteiten (gebruikers) boven op 432.451 vorige dinsdag, die de piek van december 2017 van 410.972 overtreft.


  • Bloomberg analisten voorspellen $50K Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin-harnassen als regelaars richten zich op


Institutionele beleggers die kiezen voor Bitcoin Trader boven goud kunnen volgens Bloomberg de prijs in 2021 verdubbelen.

Analisten van het bedrijf verwachten dat Bitcoin $50.000 zal gaan kosten terwijl de stroom van institutionele fondsen naar crypto doorgaat, gedreven door onconventioneel monetair beleid dat ontworpen is om de door de coronavirussen veroorzaakte vertraging tegen te gaan.

De voorspelling volgt op een golf van vergelijkbare voorspellingen van andere institutionele analisten. Mike McGlone van Bloomberg zei in oktober dat de eerstgeborene crypto $100K in 2025 kon raken, en Citibank deed een nog stoutmoediger voorspelling in november, waarbij hij een hoogte van maximaal $318K in 2021 projecteerde.


E ven als beleidsmakers proberen hun stempel te drukken op de snel groeiende crypto-industrie, houdt Bitcoin stand.

Op woensdag kondigde Congreslid Rashida Tlaib de STABLE-wet aan die de emittenten van stablecoin effectief zou houden aan enkele van dezelfde normen als banken, wat volgens velen de innovatie in de kiem zou smoren.

Elders, verzoekt het Congreslid Maxine Waters Biden om progressieve begeleiding te herroepen die banken zou laten bewaring van cryptocurrency nemen. Maar toen het nieuws werd vrijgegeven, schrok Bitcoin niet eens terug, wat suggereert dat elke verkoopdruk met gelijke kracht door de kopers werd aangepakt.


Na de hoogste maandelijkse afsluiting ooit in november heeft BTC de eerste week van december nog hoger afgesloten, waardoor een nieuw record is gebroken en het pad is geëffend voor een nieuwe opleving.

Nu Bitcoin drie keer de weerstand heeft getest met $9,5K, zal de muur van verkooporders waarschijnlijk geleidelijk aan zijn weggevreten, waardoor het meer mogelijk is dat Bitcoin snel zou kunnen doorbreken en de Wall St. indices zou kunnen volgen om nieuwe hoogtepunten te bereiken.

In de komende week zouden verschillende potentiële macro-economische triggers kunnen helpen om de markt boven dit kritieke punt uit te tillen, waaronder de voortdurende economische stimuleringsbesprekingen in zowel de VS als Europa, de laatste stadia van de langlopende Brexit-gesprekken en het groeiende optimisme rond de uitrol van het coronavirusvaccin.

MicroStrategy VD: I Personly Hodl 17 732 Bitcoin (BTC)


MicroStrategys VD, Michael Saylor, har förklarat att han personligen äger 17 732 Bitcoin
Hans uppenbarelse kommer efter frågor om hur mycket Bitcoin han äger
Mr Saylor förklarade att han köpte Bitcoins till ett genomsnittligt inträdespris på 9 882 dollar
Han förklarade sitt innehav till MicroStrategy innan det köpte sin stash på 38 250 BTC
Företaget förbereder sig enligt uppgift att köpa mer Bitcoin

VD för MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, har avslöjat mängden Bitcoin (BTC) som han äger via Twitter.

Enligt Saylor äger han 17 732 bitcoins som han köpte till ett genomsnittligt pris på 9 882 dollar. Hans uppenbarelse kommer efter vad han förklarar var upprepade frågor om hur mycket BTC han äger. Mr Saylor uppgav att han hade förklarat sitt innehav av Bitcoin innan MicroStrategy bestämde sig för att köpa sitt lager på 38 250 BTC.

Nedan följer Saylors tweet som förklarar sin Bitcoin-investering som nu är värd 230,5 miljoner dollar med BTC: s värde till 13 000 dollar. Detta betyder att Mr Saylor har 55,3 miljoner dollar i vinst sedan hans köp till 9 882 dollar per Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy planerar att köpa mer Bitcoin

Mr Saylor avslöjande om mängden Bitcoin han äger gjordes ungefär samma tid som nyheter bröt ut att MicroStrategy överväger att lägga till fler BTC till sina innehav. Tidigare idag uppgav MicroStrategys VD, Phong Li, att företaget planerade att lägga till mer BTC till sina innehav eftersom företaget har genererat mer pengar än de behöver.

Du kan förvänta dig att vi kommer att köpa ytterligare bitcoin eftersom vi genererar kontanter utöver vad vi behöver för att driva verksamheten dagligen.

Li förklarade också att företagets profil hade höjts sedan det förklarade sina Bitcoin-inköp.

Vi har sett en anmärkningsvärd och oväntad fördel med vår investering i bitcoin för att höja företagets profil på den bredare marknaden. Detta gynnar vårt rykte totalt sett och höjer vår tankegång bland potentiella kunder.

Inte tillräckligt med Bitcoin för att gå runt

Sammanfattningsvis har VD för MicroStrategy avslöjat att han personligen äger 17 732 Bitcoin. Hans förklaring gjordes samma dag som nyheten kom att MicroStrategy arbetade för att öka sitt utbud av Bitcoin över 38 250 BTC som det redan äger.

Om Bitcoin-inköpen från Mr. Saylor och MicroStrategy tas som bara ett exempel på vad andra VD: s och företag gör, kan man löst dra slutsatsen att det kanske inte finns tillräckligt med BTC för att gå runt för alla inom en snar framtid. Därför är det enda sättet för priset på Bitcoin med teorin om utbud och efterfrågan.

PayPal na piętach kwadratu może sprawić, że Bitcoin Push: liderzy na rynku

Autor Bitcoin, Andy Edstrom, uważa, że PayPal może wkrótce głębiej zanurzyć się w bitcoin.

Dyrektor generalny Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz zgadza się z tym.

Akcje Square osiągają lepsze wyniki niż akcje PayPal

Chcieć wiedzieć więcej? Dołącz do naszej grupy Telegram i otrzymuj sygnały handlowe, bezpłatny kurs handlu i codzienną komunikację z fanami kryptowalut!

Trust Project to międzynarodowe konsorcjum organizacji informacyjnych budujących standardy przejrzystości.

Bitcoin PayPal

Placówka płatnicza Jacka Dorseya była pionierem, jeśli chodzi o The News Spy. Square nie tylko umożliwiło płatności bitcoinami w swojej aplikacji gotówkowej, ale firma ogłosiła niedawno, że kupuje BTC o wartości 50 milionów dolarów do swojego bilansu . Firma Dorseya pozostawiła rywala PayPal w tyle, jeśli chodzi o bitcoiny.

Andy Edstrom, autor „Why Buy Bitcoin” i menedżer ds. Bogactwa w WESCAP, zwrócił uwagę na tę dynamikę na Twitterze, mówiąc, że akcje Square miażdżą akcje PayPal. Wskazał, że kluczową różnicą między obiema firmami jest decyzja Square o przyjęciu bitcoina.

Edstrom, który również określa siebie jako „entuzjastę twardych pieniędzy”, zauważył, że pionier technologii blockchain Wences Casares, który został powołany do zarządu PayPal w 2016 roku, nie jest już wymieniony na stronie internetowej firmy jako członek. Jeśli jest poza planszą, to może być wymowne, według Edstroma, który wskazał ,

„Podobny schemat jak w przypadku, gdy David Marcus opuścił zarząd Coinbase z powodu konfliktu interesów. Facebook miał właśnie uruchomić kryptowalutę, która mogłaby konkurować z Coinbase. Wences nadal ma Xapo, więc można uznać, że konkuruje z PayPal, gdy PayPal uruchomi produkt #Bitcoin. ”

Poniżej znajduje się porównanie wyników akcji Square w porównaniu z akcjami PayPal w ciągu ostatnich trzech miesięcy.

„Czytanie liści herbaty”

Dyrektor generalny Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, również się do tego przyłączył. Popiera teorię i zasugerował, że nie tylko zbliża się przejście PayPal na bitcoin, ale „będzie to największa wiadomość dla BTC w 2020 r.” W tym, co już było ciężkim cyklem informacyjnym dla najlepszej kryptowaluty .

PayPal i Bitcoin

Bitcoin nie jest całkowicie obcy PayPalowi. Mają już partnerstwa z giełdami kryptowalut, takimi jak Coinbase, w których użytkownicy mogą dokonywać natychmiastowych wypłat. Ale Square było o lata świetlne do przodu, ponieważ sprzedaż bitcoinów napędzała sprzedaż w aplikacji Cash App kwartał po kwartale .

Inwestorzy cieszyli się z akcji Square, która dodała do swojego bilansu ponad 4700 bitcoinów. Teraz, gdy cena bitcoinów ponownie zbliża się do poziomu 12 000 USD, PayPal może nie chcieć dłużej jeść pyłu Square.