28. September 2023

NFT Artist Equinoz Artwork Sells Out in 4 Minutes for $16K

• Equinoz’s artwork, ‘Cybernetics’, was auctioned on PlayNomm’s NFT marketplace for a pre-drop event of the NFT Korea Festival.
• The auction was sold out in just 4 minutes, with a buyout price of US$16,000.
• Equinoz is an active 3D artist who works in various fields like games, music, commercial videos, and clothing brands.

On January 31st, playNomm (CEO, Sung-Uk Moon) conducted an auction for a special pre-drop event of the upcoming NFT Korea Festival. This auction featured the artwork of one of Superchief Gallery’s NFT artists, Equinoz, titled ‘Cybernetics’. The auction was set to take place for 7 days, however, it only took 4 minutes for the artwork to be sold out, with the highest buyout price of US$16,000.

Equinoz is a 3D artist who creates intricate works between the virtual and reality, focusing on the theme of “Visible Future”. His art can be found on various NFT platforms such as Open Sea and Super Rare. He has also dabbled in different fields, including games, commercial videos, music, and clothing brands.

This auction was part of the pre-events leading up to the NFT Korea Festival. The first drop was Shavonne Wong’s ‘Light in the Shadow’, which was sold for 65,800LM, the equivalent of US$26,776. As the second drop, Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’ was bought out for 40,120 LM, equivalent to US$16,937.

The NFT Korea Festival will be taking place in March, featuring many different types of digital artworks from renowned NFT artists. Already, the pre-drop events have generated much excitement and anticipation from collectors and art enthusiasts alike, with two of the featured artworks being sold out in just a few minutes.