3. Oktober 2023

Welcome to Web3 Mass Adoption: Astar Network Unveils 2.0 Vision

• Astar Network announces its ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ which is designed to drive Web3 mass adoption to billions of users.
• The ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ aligns the network’s tokenomics, organizational structure, and pillars of technology.
• Astar Network will revamp its current tokenomics and launch Astar Link to connect the fragmented layers of the blockchain industry.

Astar Network Unveils ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘

Astar Network has announced its ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’, an ambitious plan to deliver Web3 mass adoption to billions of users around the world. The vision aims to align the network’s tokenomics, organizational structure, and key pillars of technology in order to reach this goal.

Tokenomics Redesigned

To achieve this goal, Astar Network is revamping its current tokenomics and introducing a redesigned ASTR token better suited for network participants from users and builders to enterprise partners. This new token is essential for ensuring a sustainable future of growth and success for the network.

Introducing Astar Link

Another major component of the ‘Astart 2.0 Vision’ is the introduction of Astar Link, a customizable product that connects different ecosystems together with tailor-made SDKs allowing developers to create limitless solutions from gaming to enterprise use cases not possible before linking these different systems together.

Organizations Supporting Astar Network

The ‘Astart 2.0 Vision’ also includes two organizations dedicated towards building innovative products and enabling widespread adoption: Startale Labs – an enterprise arm focused on Web3 infrastructure – and The Astar Foundation – currently acting as main contributor and maintainer for all aspects related to AStar Network development activities..


To conclude, by introducing the ‘Astart 2.0 Vision’, AStar Network has outlined an ambitious plan which promises potential Web3 mass adoption opportunities for billions of users worldwide while providing developers with all necessary tools needed to build unstoppable dApps through their innovative products such as Startale Labs or The AStar Foundation